My company - Burkhard Bader Catamarane und GFK-Formteile - was founded in 1980. Since then we built more than 45 lightweight sandwich structures mainly catamarans and trimarans for offshore sailing. I sold this successful enterprise in 2006. After that no new multihulls left the workshops.


We use design and build techniques from Derek Kelsall, a leader in modern composite boatbuilding methods ( and from Derek's follower John Shuttleworth ( These modern principles are combined with new design and engineering methods with the help of ArleeDesign Ltd. (


On this web page you can see examples of my former projects. In 2009 and 2010 I was in charge of large rotor-blades building processes for windmills.

All these accumulated experience has gone into KRONLAND II - a new type of mobile houseboat. Get your new boat here, get in contact with us.